The Superfan Platform

“In all of the bits and bytes, streams and listens… In all of the billions of sugar-coated social media posts, there’s still something missing. Artists lack a single venue where they can experiment, share and bring fans into their world. And fans lack the opportunity for access and authenticity.

Introducing, the new platform that is going to take the superfan experience to the next level. In a highly saturated music market that is defined by a diversity of overlapping fandoms, platforms and communication channels, aims to unify the way artists communicate with their most dedicated fans. In 2023, experiences are becoming more and more important and will act as a marketplace for artists to offer unique events, exclusive releases and one-off merchandise drops. 

The music ecosystem is becoming increasingly complicated in the era of social media and competing streaming services, but the mission of is to bring back the human connection that’s at the core of the music we love and the art we care about. will give fans unprecedented access to their favorite artists through private chat rooms, exclusive video streams and access to content that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Anyone can sign up for free to browse content and then they will have the option of upgrading to access more exclusive content such as pre-sale concert tickets, live streams and unseen footage. is built for fans and understands their needs – some fans won’t want access to everything- so it operates on an a la carte model, giving users the freedom to choose exactly what they want. enables artists to take full control over their brand and their relationship with their fans. For independent artists especially, it provides a new revenue stream and allows for fans to collaborate and get involved with the creative process. With, artists can speak directly to their audience, allowing them to meaningfully gauge interest, preferences and enthusiasm as they make their next move.

With a vocal and engaged fanbase, artists don’t need the team of niche experts that come with being signed to a big label, because they already have an informed, passionate and invested sounding board. 

The team behind this platform have a deep understanding of this space; made up of top artists, – deadmau5, Chris Lake, Nero, Vanic and Noizu – and music industry leaders, – our very own Dean Wilson, and long time seven20 associates Gerry Campbell, Harvey Tadman and Greg Snow – alongside a team of leading technology innovators. This is a project propelled by industry knowledge and passion. is the fan platform of the future – empowering artists to turn fans into superfans.