Deadmau5 Has a Secret Weapon: Emerging Tech In The Music Industry

Earlier this month seven20 Founder and CEO Dean Wilson sat down with Jeremy Gilbertson and Mark Fielding on their podcast Thinking On Paper, to discuss the ways in which emerging tech is revolutionizing the music industry.

Jeremy and Mark are experts in the web3 space with extensive knowledge of the music industry and the culture surrounding it, so this was a match made in heaven and a great platform for Dean to take a deep dive into the tech and the values that drive seven20. 

After bonding over a shared love for old school House and Garage, Dean outlined his career trajectory from selling vinyl out the back of a van in London to his move into management and the foundation of his first company 360, to ‘breaking America’ with Calvin Harris and his work with Roc Nation.

Dean discussed the ins and outs of tech in the music industry, reflecting on the journey that’s led him to seven20 and now, The Circuit Group. Introducing emerging technology is never a straightforward matter – Dean talked about how much experimentation and trial and error has gone into the journey that’s led him, alongside his long term partner Joel Zimmerman (AKA deadmau5), to where they are today. 

Working as innovators from within the industry has been the secret formula to success for seven20 and the people we work with. Dean outlined all the ways in which we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of the next big thing – always with one eye to the future and with the big picture in mind. The seven20 mission of building a more equitable music business for artists and a more fulfilling ecosystem for fans, comes from a deep knowledge of, and a passion for, music – and Dean elaborated on the core principles that motivate us in what we do. 

Big shoutout to Jeremy and Mark for their insightful questions and the enthusiasm they showed for everything we’ve been working on and have planned for the future. To anyone looking to learn more about Dean’s story, our achievements and ambitions here at seven20, or how emerging tech is going to transform the music industry – this is a must listen.

We view ourselves as more than just a business, we are pioneers of a new generation of creativity and of a new music ecosystem that prioritizes fairness, creativity and ownership.

Click here to hear everything Dean had to say.