Introducing DROP: A New Platform Dedicated to the Electronic Music Community

Seven20 partner, DROP, is pioneering a new era of direct-to-fan platforms. 

Building a more transparent music industry that prioritizes the interests of creators begins with giving artists control over their brand, their monetization options and how they engage with their fans. The relationships artists forge with their fans are the key to longevity and success in this business but traditionally, these dynamics have been filtered through an array of intermediary entities that limit artistic autonomy and take a sizable share of profits. 

DROP is a radical new platform because it cuts out the middleman and provides artists with the means to directly reach out to their fanbase. With exclusive and deluxe releases, creators can profit off a new revenue stream and strengthen their relationship equity with their fans. DROP is unique in the scope of content that can be released allowing artists to sell a range of products such as remixes, track stems, merchandise, vinyl, access to shows, and more. Not only can artists sell merchandise but fans can collect and sell digital assets, offering a gamified ownership experience that will deepen and sustain fan engagement.

The brilliance of DROP is that it gives artists access to and control over their data – providing invaluable insights into the success of their direct-to-fan sales and the specifics of their listener demographics. At the moment, the music industry suffers from a lack of transparency when it comes to how data is shared and accessed. DROP provides artists with an intuitive dashboard where all the stats and information they need are displayed in one space. For artists, this gives them the opportunity to make better informed decisions about their music, their career path and the products they offer.

DROP is a big step towards a music ecosystem that is more straightforward, less opaque, and can facilitate greater creativity. Through their commitment to data transparency and artistic autonomy, the platform has huge potential for innovation and experimentation with web3 principles and direct-to-fan commercial models. What we’re seeing at the moment and what they’ve achieved to date is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s potential here for the platform to totally transform how music is commodified and marketed. DROP is positioned at the forefront of the industry and the value it provides for artists and fans alike is going to increase exponentially. 

We are actively building the future of music and DROP is a glimpse into what an equitable and sustainable industry will look like. 

When we bring artists and fans together, we generate more synergy, insight and innovation.

The game is changing and DROP is driving that change even further.