Kx5 Nominated for a Grammy

The word is out… Kx5 (aka deadmau5 and Kaskade) have been nominated for a Grammy!

Their self titled debut, Kx5, has been nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album and we could not be more proud of their achievement.

This has been an independent project from start to finish and it’s proof that there are no limits for independent artists in 2023. Kx5, and the team who have worked tirelessly with them, have reached this point without the backing and resources of a major label. It is a sign of change in the music industry and we hope it is the first of many nominations achieved by independent artists.

deadmau5 has been a part of our journey here at seven20 since the very beginning and this is a huge milestone in our mission to make music a more equitable and accessible industry. 

13 years ago, deadmau5 was nominated for his album 4×4=12 in the same category, back when he was signed to a big label. In 2015 he set out on his own, building his independent label Mau5trap and forging a path for himself. 

To be back here, at the biggest awards ceremony in music, is such a validating experience and a sign for anyone thinking of going independent that anything is possible.

For so long, to get anywhere in music a big label has been essential but those days are coming to an end – the future is independent.

We want to thank deadmau5 and Kaskade for their trust over the past years and for bringing us along on their creative journey. It’s you guys who make what we do worthwhile and motivate us to do more. At the end of the day, it is about the music and seeing all your hard work recognized at this level means a lot to us here at seven20.

Everyone who worked on this project whether in production, marketing, mastering or distribution also deserves a massive shoutout. It takes a village to pull off a record of this caliber and we know how much blood, sweat and tears went into producing this album. 

Last, but far from least, we would like to thank all the fans who have supported this project and have been with us since Day 1. Your support is what keeps us going and we are honored by the enthusiasm you have shown for Kx5 and all our amazing artists throughout the years.

The sky’s the limit for independent artists, let’s keep this party going.

See you at the Grammys!