Seven20 and AYITA founders come together to form The Circuit Group, Inc


Seven20 founders, Dean and Jessica Wilson have come together with fellow innovators , the co-founders of artist management enterprise – AYITA – Brett Fischer, David Gray and Harvey Tadman – to form ‘The Circuit Group, Inc.’

Between them, the five founders have been managing and promoting artists for decades and have built businesses that include internationally recognized talent, global brand partners, and pioneering technologists, all striving towards a greater future for the music business.

The Circuit Group’s mission is to help its artists have greater ownership and control over their intellectual property. Utilizing innovative technology, fulfilling their commitment to transparency, and crafting unique and meaningful fan engagement connections, Circuit will lead the way in creating a more equitable future for artists.

The Circuit Group CEO Dean Wilson  – “We are dedicated and passionate about electronic music and committed to the careers of some of the world’s most iconic music stars.

We are proud industry leaders and innovators, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Our success reflects our collective dedication to excellence and our tireless efforts to elevate the standard for what it means to be a music company. Our ethos has always been ‘artist first’ and our future approach will always reflect this.”

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Miami and London, The Circuit Group is a Transatlantic music company. For enquiries please contact

The Circuit Group