Seven20 Partner PIXELYNX Launches KORUS

PIXELYNX has launched an AI-powered platform KORUS that is going to revolutionize music creation.

KORUS integrates music, gaming and web3 principles to give users the unique ability to create original content using IP from established artists. The KORUS mission is to enable accessible, fun, and interactive music creation, building an ecosystem around AI-powered generation that gives fans the ability to create, share and earn from their music.

Accessibility is at the heart of KORUS with AI generated 3D characters (KORS) built into the platform to assist users in generating original content. Users can develop their KORS by collecting NFTs ‘artist DNA’ that incorporates IP from PIXELYNX’s partners, deadmau5’s mau5trap label, a selection of our seven20 roster and Beatport. Web3 principles are an integral part of this project as they enable the fully licensed use of artist DNA packs, providing a new business model for artists.

This is a paradigm shift for creators, providing innovative monetization mechanics that will fuel the music industry of the future. AI generated content is going to happen whether the industry likes it or not – the steps being taken by PIXELYNX are putting artists on the front foot. It’s the start of a creator-first economy where artists, fans, and brands can utilize creativity and commercial potential without sacrificing ownership or copyright. More freedom for creativity will democratize how music is produced and shared, unleashing previously unseen potential.

Web2 has resulted in a fragmented online music ecosystem, the web3 and blockchain principles which power KORUS have the potential to join the dots and create a cohesive music metaverse where user generated content has a central role in how artists can monetize their IP. KORUS is a win-win for artists, a one stop shop that enables better fan engagement and provides a marketplace where they profit from any transaction that’s built on their IP.

KORUS is only the beginning for PIXELYNX and there is so much more in the pipeline. This is only the beginning of the platform and we’re going to see many exciting updates over the coming months. Thanks to the ease by which users can create original content, there is so much potential for gamification and innovative forms of fan interaction. Remix competitions, content scavenger hunts and the sharing of unique user generated video content are all on the table and there’s so much scope for growth. 

PIXELYNX pioneer Inder Phull has worked with seven20 for so long and we’re delighted to see his hard work come to fruition. Big shoutout to all the Founders Richie Hawtin, Joel Zimmerman and Ben Turner for their unwavering faith in their vision. 

A new music industry is emerging and KORUS is a key part of our mission at seven20 to make sure this new era of music works for, and benefits, the people that matter – the artists.