Introducing DROP: A New Platform Dedicated to the Electronic Music Community

Seven20 partner, DROP, is pioneering a new era of direct-to-fan platforms. 

Building a more transparent music industry that prioritizes the interests of creators begins with giving artists control over their brand, their monetization options and how they engage with their fans. The relationships artists forge with their fans are the key to longevity and success in this business but traditionally, these dynamics have been filtered through an array of intermediary entities that limit artistic autonomy and take a sizable share of profits. 

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13 Year Anniversary of 4×4=12

There are albums that define careers and ultimately, define genres. Today we’re celebrating the 13th anniversary of such an album, 4×4=12 by our very own deadmau5.

This was deadmau5’s fifth album in 5 years and it came at a time when he was becoming well established in the electronic scene. He was well known for some breakout tracks as well as his live shows – his trademark mouse helmet becoming an iconic symbol of his brand. In EDM he was a household name, part of a new era of young producers creating fusions from traditional house beats and innovative electronic sounds that have defined the genre ever since.

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Kx5 Nominated for a Grammy

The word is out… Kx5 (aka deadmau5 and Kaskade) have been nominated for a Grammy!

Their self titled debut, Kx5, has been nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album and we could not be more proud of their achievement.

This has been an independent project from start to finish and it’s proof that there are no limits for independent artists in 2023. Kx5, and the team who have worked tirelessly with them, have reached this point without the backing and resources of a major label. It is a sign of change in the music industry and we hope it is the first of many nominations achieved by independent artists.

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ADE 2023

In October, The Circuit Group Founders Dean and Jessica Wilson headed to the Netherlands where they were invited to speak at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

ADE has become one of the most important international electronic music events, not only as a festival but as a conference for professionals working in electronic music. Dean and Jess were honored to be invited to speak: Dean at a keynote titled A New Kind of Independence, and Jess as a speaker on a panel titled VC Money and The Gender Gap: Why do Female-led Start-Ups Get Left Out?

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